Building shared understanding

On 20 and 21 February 2017, the Conservation Council of SA hosted a state forum for ‘the Nature of SA’. The purpose of the forum was to discuss what shifts are required to improve our approach to nature conservation and come to an agreed understanding about what’s most important. The forum was held at The Sanctuary, Zoological Gardens.

A targeted group of leaders from across the conservation sector, including from relevant government agencies, were invited to participate, aiming for a balanced representation from across the sector. A number of 'participating observers' from a range of linked sectors and organisations were also invited to provide critical feedback, and guidance on future stakeholder engagement.

A total of ~180 people attended the Forum from all over South Australia. The feedback received during and after the forum supported refining and exploring the shifts outlined in the discussion paper. 

Proceedings from the forum are provided below.

Background paper

We've prepared a discussion paper on the required shifts as the result of eighteen months of consultation and research:

Forum program

If you'd like a copy of the forum program you can download that here.